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A never-changing God in an ever-changing world

A conference for Middle/High school students.  We want students to have faith in a God that is bigger than any obstacle, challenge, mountain, failure or fear that they will ever face.  At this year's Cape Cod Conference we will be looking at God's faithfulness to His word and His promises.  In the midst of a world and culture that is constantly changing it's opinions, views and ideals in almost every area, we can anchor our lives in the God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He doesn't change, and His promises hold true.  We will come together and pursue this God through corporate worship, sitting under the teaching of the Word, small groups, individual devotion times, focused prayer, and community/fellowship.

We will also be taking time to look at what this means for us being God's light in a dark world, as we will hear about how God is moving in some of our partner ministries, Amirah and Gospel For Asia, and how student's can be engaged with what God is doing to rescue human trafficking victims and get the gospel to unreached people groups. 

We will have time for recreation, games, free time, swimming, and even a few hours one day at the beach!!!  So it should be a lot of fun, and a really powerful, life-changing 4 days together!

Worship:  Chris Allen Band w/Sarah Zakrzewski

Speaker : JOSH WYATT

Registration Dates

EARLY BIRD: February 9 - March 30  @ 11:30pm

Regular: March 31 - June 7 @ 11:30pm