As I sit in Starbucks, aka my office, and look out the massive windows that make up most of the wall of the building, I see something a little disturbing.  Snow!  Yes, the stuff that is so pretty, fluffy, and beautifully white in pictures and even in person for most of the winter, is not what I wanted to wake up to by the time we got to April 4th.  I am hesitant to be angry (at least I’m trying not to be) because I know that our Sovereign God controls the weather.  But as I sit here watching the snow fall (for 2 days now) I can’t help but be reminded of one thing, my plans are not always God’s plans.

My plans were, by now, to be walking places in the warmth of spring.  My plans were to be sitting outside of the Starbucks enjoying the sun or going for a walk or jog in the park.  Yes, I know I live in New England, and yes, it has been a mild winter here, but what is compounding this is the fact that just last week we had a couple days where it was sunny and in the 60’s and 70’s.  What now seems like a tease!

While I am exaggerating my aggravation at the snow (a little bit) it really did make me think today about the truth that our plans are not always God’s plans.  Far too often we make plans on our own and then want God to follow us and help us with our plans.  Far too often we think that God’s job as a Father and a provider is to provide what we need to see OUR plans happen, to get and do what WE want.  And far too often, if we were honest, we aren’t really concerned with asking God what His plans are, what He wants us to do, where He wants us to go, and what His dreams are for us.  More than we like to admit, we just want God to be like a taxi-driver that helps us get where WE want to go.

The problem with this mindset is very simple.  That’s not God.  God does not exist for us, we exist for Him.  And that simple, but not-so-simple, shift in thinking changes absolutely everything.  A lot of us, without even realizing it, may be mad at God simply because we have twisted this truth.  If you live your life expecting God to be all about you and your plans it won’t take long for you to be let-down.  And in those times of disappointment and let-down, the enemy comes in and wants to make you mad at the one who (in your mind) didn’t come through. 

The solution is to trust that God’s plans for you are better than your plans for yourself.  I know that is a daunting task.  This is something that is a fight for all of us.  But my plea to you is, fight for it!  And in fighting to trust God’s plans, I would also say fight to know God’s plans!  Pray, search, seek, and ask God what He wants for you, what His dreams are, what His will is.  And then walk and move forward as best you can into what you believe He has for you.  His plans are not our plans.  And this should be comforting, because His plans are BETTER than our plans.  TRUST Him.