Hey everyone!  I hope your summer has been amazing and I hope you have had some time to get away and relax a little bit.  Students, I hope you have enjoyed an ABUNDANT amount of time to relax!  And I hope you are ready to be back on the grind hitting your studies.  I know that many of you had vacations, went on mission trips, served at youth camps, Kids camps, VBS, and many other things that fill the calendars during this season.  I pray that in the middle of it all you have seen God move and drawn closer to Him.

For us, one of the main things we do all year happens right in the middle of summer.  It is our God Is Bigger Conference:  Cape Cod.  It is a 4-day youth conference held in Cape Cod, MA.  This year, between students and youth leaders we had about 80 attendees, with a volunteer team of 15 people helping run the event.  It was a great time of gathering and running hard after Jesus.  The week was filled with corporate worship, bible study, times of personal and corporate prayer, small groups, youth group devotions, fellowship, and yes, recreation!  Here is just a TINY photo glimpse...

I love stories.  More specifically I love hearing about what God does in people's lives.  So instead of leaving you with my perspective of how conference went this year, I am going to leave you with a couple testimonies that students sent in to us.  This is what it's about.  God reaching, uniting, and igniting a generation for His glory across the earth.  And that happens when God works in the lives of individuals.  Enjoy!


"This week the Lord has taught me that most of the things I spend my time on, even though they aren't bad things, really distract me from growing with God."  Lauren

"These days have really helped me feel closer to God.  I've realized I always push Jesus aside because I feel like my life is worthless.  I've felt like there was nothing I could do because of my situation.  But God is showing me that He wants to do things in and through me.  I am ready to let HIM do what HE wants to do, even if it's hard!"  Molly

"The Lord has shown me this week that to solve my identity issues I need to find myself in Him and let Him be my foundation.  He also showed me that I have had a "do not disturb sign" on my heart.  I have been too afraid to take risks and share my faith.  I have wanted to God to be in my life, but not disturb it and make it uncomfortable.  I'm really thankful for God revealing these things to me so I can walk and work through them with Him.  I cannot wait to see where He takes me next!"  Sara

"God revealed to me this week that I have started settling for less.  I got into an abusive relationship because I was afraid that I wasn't good enough on my own and I started shutting out God and the people around me who really love me.  God has reminded me again this week that I don't have to settle!  That He has so much more for me!  He has a plan for me and it's good.  I don't have to be afraid of letting Him disturb my plans for my life.  He is going to do something amazing in my generation but we have to be bold and let HIM do what HE wants to do."  Maddy