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One of the top regrets and fears that people grapple with is living their life without purpose. Lets face it, just the thought creates an unsettling tension. Questions emerge… How do I know if I am living a life with purpose? Am I doing what I was created to do? If I have ignored opportunities of purpose in the past, will there be other chances for me? 


Most of us have dealt with these thoughts and have even defined purpose by one particular event. You either did it or you didn't do it. However, purpose is more than just one big thing you do, it is a progression of small things you do in one direction and with one end goal. Lets call that direction forward. Each step forward is a response to an invitation from God. Have you ever been invited to do something that is outside of your comfort zone? If you have, that’s pretty normal. In fact, we know that Jeremiah was invited by God to do something he felt absolutely unqualified to do. FORWARD will give us insight into Jeremiah's life showing us how we process, clarify and respond to invitations from God so we can live a life in pursuit of purpose. Join us for this ONE DAY CONFERENCE called FORWARD.